Naive Bayes


Naive Bayes

GaussianNB([priors, classes])

Fit a naive bayes model with a Gaussian likelihood

See the scikit-learn documentation for more information about Naive Bayes classifiers.

These follow the scikit-learn estimator API, and so can be dropped into existing routines like grid search and pipelines, but are implemented externally with new, scalable algorithms and so can consume distributed Dask arrays and DataFrames rather than just in-memory NumPy and Pandas arrays and DataFrames.


In [1]: from dask_ml import datasets

In [2]: from dask_ml.naive_bayes import GaussianNB

In [3]: X, y = datasets.make_classification(chunks=50)

In [4]: gnb = GaussianNB()

In [5]:, y)
Out[5]: GaussianNB()